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 The main emphasis of LuvNailz is the distribution of Akzentz gel products from Richmond, BC Canada.  A gel of the highest quality for Professionals Only. Akzentz has been around for over 15 years and is one of the only gels in the market that is formulated, manufactured and packaged at its location in Richmond. Sandra Haigh, who was once a nail tech and salon owner herself, creates each new product with the feedback from nail techs from around the world! Each product undergoes extensive planning and research and is tested by nail techs working on regular clients in typical settings. In 2004, Jessica Hoel, who had previously educated for En Vogue Gels, attended a class being taught by Kelly Scalf. At the time, Kelly was the distributor and educator for Akzentz Gels and based out of Kent, Washington. During that class, Kelly asked Jess to finish teaching the class. From that day on Jess became Kelly's educator for her company the Fingernail Store. In 2005, Kelly was struggling with her battle against cancer and asked Jess to take over shipments for the Fingernail Store. Eventually, Jess took over all operations and created LuvNailz Distributorship in 2006.  In 2009 Footlogix was added.

About LuvNailz

In the summer of 2005, Jess decided it was time to spread Akzentz across America!  As the only distributor in the county, Jess traveled almost every weekend teaching classes in Boston, New Jersey, New York, Baltimore, North Carolina, Nashville, Wisconsin, Texas and many other locations with fantastic nail techs craving to learn Akzentz.  Eventually more distributors started popping up around the country around the same time Jess had a baby girl and slowed down the traveling.  You can attend still classes from Jess at 2-3 trade shows per year as well as classes in the Northwest.

Every year Jess directs the NW Nailtech Networking Event!  Some years the event is a typically networking event, and other years a fabulous 4 day retreat on  Vashon Island near Seattle.  The event welcomes nail techs from around the country and as far away as Maine!  If your a nail tech interested in attending an event visit www.nwnailtechs.com.  

Early in 2011 Jess opened LuvNailz studio in Bellevue, Washington.  Classes are offered on technique and new products as well as private training and mentorship.  If you may be interested in any of these activites, please use the Contact Us link to send her an email!

Jess Hoel


Jessica Hoel 
Owner, LuvNailz