Class for Professional Nail Techs
Proformance Certification


   Proformance Certification:  Monday February 20, 2017  9am-5pm

Location: Beauty Lounge, Honolulu, Hawaii
Investment: $200 

Deposit Required upon registration and is non-refundable after January 31, 2017.

Pro-Formance UV/LED Hard Gels are the perfect choice for creating beautiful nail enhancements.
  These gels have been formulated with Diamond Strength Technology (DST) which utilizes     
  superior molecular crosslinking to endure your clients’ lifestyle while maintaining their high
  quality and strength.

Benefits of taking this course:
• An in-depth class on Akzentz Luxio UV/LED products as well as Proformance LED Sculpturing gels

• Learn the techniques and tricks for the 30 day manicure using these amazing products and why it works!

• Experience Gel Play and learn to use Bling On to add to Crystals that will stay put!
• Classes are designed for novices as well as experienced tech’s
• Improve your skills to build a foundation for success

• Receive a certificate for Proformance to display and build client’s trust

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