Crystal Katana

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  • Bling On - Gel Play UV/LED
    Mix your own! Glitter me is a thick gel created with the same product and viscosity used for gel play glitters. Add your glitters with a 2 to 1 ratio and mix with an Akzentz spatula. You can store your mixes in a container, just be sure it is not clear. Keep your stones on the nails! This incredible gel is super thick and designed to keep all your stones on between fills. Don't let your beautiful swarvoski crystals fall off! Tips - - Apply a good size blob onto a finished nail, drop your crystals into the blob (use the Crystal katana!) - Cure 30 seconds in LE or 2 minutes in UV lamp. Rotate the hands side to side to allow the light to reach around the crystals and cure the bling on. - Bling on is not shiny. After you cure it, apply a little bit of shine on to any exposed Bling on, and around the edges of the stones (but not over them or you will lose the sparkle!). Cure again, and you are finished! UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY with Akzentz newest line of UV/LED soak off gel that is specifically developed for nail art. Bring out your creative spirit with the unmatched potential of these highly pigmented colours and glitters. Gel Play is the ultimate choice for creating vibrant gel art. Created in 5 different varieties to match your artistic vision: GEL PLAY PAINTS - densely pigmented colours designed for fine detailed nail art. GEL PLAY GLITTERS - shades of vibrant, heavily pigmented glitters. GEL PLAY GLITTER SHIFTERS - sparkling glitters that shift their tone depending on base colour. GEL PLAY GLITTER ME - Clear gel base with just the right consistency for adding glitters already owned to create personal glitter gels. GEL PLAY BLING ON - Thick consistency gel that stays put and is extra strong to keep gems, stones and embellishments on.
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  • Crystal Katana
    The Crystal Katana is designed to improve productivity, speed and precision when working with flat back rhinestones. It consists of three parts: a wax tip for picking up stones, a bamboo shaft for easy grip and improved handling, and a chrome endpiece that encases crystals for precision placement. Designed by Kellie DeFries, the "Crystal Ninja." The wax tip is fashioned from premium jewelers' wax and requires just a gentle touch to pick up rhinestones. This type of wax leaves less residue on stones. If the tip loses its fine point, you can reshape it with your fingers. If you get glue on the wax tip, wipe it gently with a tissue. Not recommended for with mica powders or glitter.
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